Single Moms Toolkit

Welcome to the Single Moms Toolkit!  Thank you for being here.

My name is Addie and my mission is to help single moms become a better version of themselves because I believe that happy moms make happy kids.

Being a single mom myself for several years now, I went through the roller coaster of emotions that go with it, have asked the same question as all single moms do: can I do this?

Years later I found that yes I can and it took a long journey of self-development for me to be able to say, “Yes, I can do this and more” with full confidence.  Too often we take for granted our innate ability to surpass any obstacle that comes our way.   We tend to easily get carried away by the circumstances that surround us as if all we can do is just keep on taking it in without any say at all.

“Don’t wish it were different.  Wish you were better.” – Jim Rohn

It took me a while to find myself and to realize that I have to become a whole person for me to be a good mom and to open my heart to the possibility of a new love in the future. So now, I with share  the same lessons to other single moms.

Hope you enjoy your stay here and that you come away with bits and pieces of wisdom at the very least to help you in your own journey.